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Universal Planning Tools from Birth to 5 years


Fully loaded, on line lesson plans designed to support quality Infant/Toddler and Pre-school programs


Infant Toddler Lesson Planning Tools developed by Patricia Hillman, CEO and Co-founder of the Infant Toddler Specialist Group (ITSG) @ Zero to Five Consulting, Master Level Trainer #1715 Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System ( 

Infant Toddler Lesson Planning tools are a series of fully loaded, on line, lesson plans designed for a full year to support your program's curriculum and to offer a user-friendly framework for individuals with a child development background working in Infant/Toddler programs, Pre-school classrooms and Family Child Care Homes.  

Planning Tools for Infants and Toddlers are based on West-Ed Nationally Acclaimed Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC) principles and philosophy of care established by Magda Gerber, world-renowned child therapist and infant specialist who co-founded the non-profit organization Resources for Infant Educators (RIE) in Los Angeles, California. RIE was one of the first places in the United States to offer a specialized environment for infant observation and parent education.

Pre-school on line lesson plans are based on child development theories for children ages 3-5 years and support the philosophy that young children learn best through an environment that allows ample opportunities for exploration and discovery and plays a critical role in fostering independence, self-confidence, and a sense of curiosity about their world around them. 

ITSG Co-Founder/Owner Patricia Hillman has more than 25 years of experience as an Infant/Toddler Specialist and Early Childhood Educator supporting Administrators and Educators with training, mentoring, curriculum planning and implementation.

Universal Lesson  Infant/Toddler and Pre-school Planning Tools can be used by entry level and experienced Educators as a practical learning tool. Age appropriate developmental concepts, themes, learning activities and teaching strategies are listed throughout each lesson plan. 

They are suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-school children who are cared for in family child care homes and child care centers

Young Infants         0 -12 months
Mobile infants         12- 24 months
Older Toddlers        24- 36 months

Pre-school              3-5 years

Each set of lesson plans runs from August through September of each year and focuses on developmental concepts and themes to support, optimum social and emotional growth, language, early literacy, cognitive skills and physical development of children birth to five years. See sample concepts for 0-12 months

On line lesson plan can be downloaded and edited to meet individual goals and needs of typically developing children including children with special needs and disabilities.

Teachers can and add, or change activities on the lesson plan based on individual needs and interests of children, accomplishments, child outcomes and emerging curriculum.  

Purchase of a full set of Birth to Three or Pre-school lesson plan are accompanied with an Orientation and a Teacher’s User Guide.


Example Lesson Plans Concepts for Young Infants (0 - 12 Months)

August: Building Self Awareness and Relationships
September: Strengthening Self Awareness and Relationships
October: Learning Daily Routines
November: Language Development and Early Literacy - Let’s Talk
December: The Five Senses
January: Cognitive Development - Imitation, Curiosity, Discovery
February: Sensory Motor Development - Exploration, Discovery
March: Noticing Nature - A Sense of Wonder
April: Music and Movement - Things That Move
May: Creative Development - Expressing Ideas and Feelings
June: Dramatic Play - Let’s Pretend
July: Preparing for Transitions - Getting Ready for Change

View sample plans @